Paper Plane Flight Recorder

He was introduced to us for the first time through the band The Place Within, while last year he begun to make solo live appearances using the technique of live-looping. LogOut’s debut album is entitled “Paper Plane Flight Recorder” and is ready for its maiden voyage. It is a series of twelve home recordings which he wrote and recorded himself, with the voice and classical guitar playing the key roles. A few words about the paper plane flight recorders: Every day thousands of paper planes are created without any specific purpose. The course and duration of their flight is specified and the abrupt end, inevitable. Of course, unlike airplanes, the drop of a paper plane is nothing terrible, because this is just a plane made of paper. So theoretically, one loses nothing to try. Many people would characterize such an occupation as futile. Usually, however, everybody shows a certain understanding, as they all more or less, have tasted the guilty pleasure of the same or another futile activity. One way or another, the truth is different: paper planes have their own flight recorders and all the elements of their flights are recorded, so every little detail is important. The paper plane flight recorders do not have a fixed format. When opened, they may contain anything that helps to describe the flight. Generally there should be a very serious reason for a paper plane flight recorder to be opened. That’s because, due to a safety mechanism, those that open them without any real interest, they usually see nothing in them. Those, of course, usually see nothing inside anything anyway. This has led many to express the view that this safety mechanism is probably unnecessary. LogOut’s paper plane recorder has the form of a doctor’s handwritten prescription accompanied by a vinyl or cd and is released by Inner Ear. credits released November 3, 2011

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