Little Things Buried In Concrete

His homemade debut, “Paper Plane Flight Recorder”, made its maiden flight in 2011. This year LogOut returns with his second album, “Little Things Buried In Concrete”, produced by Hristos Lainas. This time LogOut attempts with his songs a gradual descending under the strict concrete surfaces of our cities and our faces. The excavation trip of “Little Things Buried In Concrete” begins at the exterior surface, where "everybody lives in malls" and "everybody loves each other" (“Newspapers”) and passes through layers of consumerism (“Global Love”) and city isolation (“For You”) slowly descending towards the innermost hidden layers (“Censored Title”) all the way to the final cathartic plea towards Concrete (“Hymn To Concrete”- …Come on concrete, rain all over me…), which leaves behind only a tape of repeated declarations of love. ("…love you, I love you, I love you, I…”) The sound of “Little Things Buried In Concrete” will be a pleasant surprise to those who know LogOut from the bare ballads of “Paper Plane Flight Recorder”. The 10 new tracks were taken to the studio of Hristos Lainas where they were rebuilt with various ad hoc instrumentations and the contribution of guest musicians. The guitar and voice still have the leading roles but the acoustic atmosphere has given way to an electric sound. So the melodies and lyrics of LogOut have been charged with the intensity that was necessary for this album, while retaining the characteristic style of the artist. The mastering of the album took place in New York by Alan Douches. “Little Things Buried In Concrete” is released in vinyl (including bonus cd) and digital album from Inner Ear. credits released May 27, 2013

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